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My Occupation

Office Manager by day - Recording Artist on call

I have released my music to Napster, iTunes, Amazon, groupietunes, e-music, AmieStreet and most digital outlets and produced CD copies as well. Go to to check me out. I'll have much more music to come.

People so devoid of friends they accept me

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My Blog or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Myself

  1. Getting back on a one way round trip

    05/12/09 03:25:44 | 3 Comments

    Hi guys, thanks for reading. I've been down lately, fighting foreclosure on my house and complete credit obliteration, and have been really sick all year. I've enjoyed Survivor immensly but just didn't have the energy to post much. I miss Edgic, and I will be back full strength next season.

    I got hammered with bronchitis in January. It hit just as I finished recording my third album, One Way Round Trip. I'm really proud of it, and I intended to start playing local...
  2. Cough cough

    02/25/09 03:56:03 | 0 Comments

    Just some quick thoughts as I drowsily type as I can't sleep despite being exhausted.

    Been fighting brochitis and bad viral stuff for over 7 weeks. No voice still. I finished recording my third album and it seems like my body decided to crash and burn. I need this to go away and fast.

    Just visited Nicolette and Keegan over the weekend. Keegan will be two in April and is sooooo big. Talks all the time now. Nicolette turns 4 next week. Wow, four so fast!

  3. Visiting

    09/23/08 01:05:21 | 0 Comments

    Just back from my first long range visit with my kids. Keegan went from taking cautious steps when I last saw him July 5 to being able to communicate his thoughts with actions and only a few words. He's not a baby anymore at 15 months, he's a little boy.

    Nicolette is 3 and enjoying pre-school two days a week. She was very happy to see me and didn't want to let me go the whole time. We enjoyed going to the zoo and Chuck E Cheese, but most important was spending time...
  4. Nowadays

    10/24/07 05:25:48 | 0 Comments

    Just enjoying my time while my kids live close before an impending move. imageimage

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    Merry Christmas, OTH! <3 ,#


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    Merry Christmas to you! Have a great holiday season!